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Technology trends that will shape the fortunes of IT Services companies and their clients in the foreseeable future

Big Data is getting bigger: The rapid and exponential outburst of data presents both a unique problem as well as an opportunity for organizations looking to decode this data and establish deeper understanding of their business on a real-time basis. There are 3 key challenges that need to be tackled. Firstly, technology infrastructure to handle such data is evolving with multiple players in multiple stacks jockeying for dominance. The second area is that businesses are finding new sets of such data being available to them from various public, internal sources thanks to the internet and rapid spread of mobile technology. The challenge is to find and extract value from such areas both immediately, as well as on an on-going basis. Lastly, the talent required to do all of this is not residing in one area. Organizations have to find a way to bring this together and at the same time create new roles and career paths for such talent.

All of the above requires assimilation of business understanding, technology skills and the ability to read and evaluate datasets. Clearly, this requires clients as well as outsourcing firms to change the way they are organized, redefine value and engage with each other to service this. There will be resistance to change and break-down of old models; but those organizations that can recognize this and address how they focus on this problem will certainly succeed in the years to come.

Social media is becoming more disruptive: The social media onslaught is redefining the very way in which we interact - both within and outside the organizational ecosystem. Organizations are also faced with a unique challenge in that the new entrants into the system and their consumers are the real digital natives compared to the managers and the people who are taking decisions. Organizations have to find a way to leverage these new digital natives and open up to the new ways of collaboration in order to implement such initiatives successfully within the organization. This provides multiple opportunities to the IT industry to change the way they communicate, interactwith their employees and customers, while also necessitating them to provide solutions for their customers to adapt their organizations to leverage the power of this trend.

Enterprise Mobility is moving beyond apps: Consumer or employee facing applications were just the beginning! There is an explosion of use cases now to be catered to, forcing organizations to streamline the manner in which they handle the build and integrate process. This is forcing organizations to rethink their top down approach to enterprise mobility. While this trend is likely to intensify in the coming months, we can expect steady traction when it comes to Corporates' adoption of Enterprise Apps in a larger way in 2013.

The other interesting trend that will shape the industry in the years to come is the widening use of mobile devices - to do functions in ways never done before. (Ex. Health scan/check in 10 minutes, doing it before an insurance application etc.) This by far will cause the most disruption in terms of business process/model changes. There is ample opportunity for the industry to be at the leading edge of this transformation journey for their clients.


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